Free Verse (Dirty Harry)

by KevinReed

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Free Verse post #CampusLifeIsKrazy


Beats for Breakfast, these verses consume brunches
On a diet that requires me hooks for every supper
Lines cut em under the upper, these punches are full leverage
If every letter's a beverage, words sippin'll get em leveled...
Get on my Level, My 16s in pristine,
Condition, Listen, you rappers sweeter than crisp cream (Crispy Creme)
Chicks, fit, kicks clean..pocket, wallet, crisp cream
Homie, I'm a Dough nut (Doughtnut, crispy cream!!) get it?
Crazy bout them cash bucks
Omit those last four lines, far from a swagg rapper
We all know that the main objective's to cash capture
But losers rap about money, mullah, the gudda, fettuccine, provolone, but of them kids miss Swiss
That's no cheese
Provoked to smoke these Turkeys that consistently differently quote B..R-E-A-D
For Bread, cheese, You said he's dead meat, I'm spammin em
A chef to all you amateurs, The Windy in ya Subway
Grillin all you Sandwhiches...OWWWWWW




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