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Sign me, Sign me
Somebody dotted line Reed
Cuz iBeen writin raps like iWas tattooin for Mummies,
Dummies couldn’t understand, these fans, iFathom flip like Cellular
Contacts, my contract, shoulda came off contact
With a mic, What iWrite with my right opposite, which is elegant
Off of first rip, it is evident, everything that iDo which begins with a pen
iAm signing in where the Legends been
Franklin bankin, off of etiquette
Better than fellas who’ve been accredited
With a the credit which, iMay not never get
So iSpit and iSpit and iSpit and iSpit and iSpit and iSpit and iSpit…
Til you seem to dream that the Levees bent
If you thought that “Katrina” was dangerous then watch how heinous iGet as her relative
iAm levelin every level in
The entry level to level 10
Compelled by my dopeness, or coldness, I’m focused
So homie, let me get a deal

Rewind aka Realness:

A Brother Need A Deal Like I’m Coupon Clippin’
WiZ Be Rippin’ Instrumental, Nympho How He Grindin’
Nimble Pencil Stencil & Outlinin’
The Titan Of Writings, Onli Cypha Survivor
Livest Saliva, iMight’ve Jus Died On The Mic To Revive It
ErryWuNz Ridin’ Wit, So Damn Can iGet A Sponsorship
SumWuN Sign Him, Ixnay On The Fine Print
Cuz ErryThing iPrint Fine. Like A KING Magazine
Have You Seen, My Regime Is The Flyest
All About The Green, Like The Team Was Sum Irish
Onli Spit Fire, Uneasy Around Hydrants
Dudes That You Hypin’, I’ve Mightve
Been Better Than Ever Since
They’ve Started Writin’
So Go & Find A A & R
N Tell That Man To Find Me…


released September 9, 2011



all rights reserved


KevinReed Illinois

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